Personal Training

Your goals. Our passion.

The personal training is a turnkey program. At an initial consultation, we establish with you a tailored coaching plan to meet your needs.

Whether to increase your motivation, you feel supported, improve your athletic performance, lose weight, gain muscle mass or any other specific objective, personalized training is ideal.

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The Recipe for Success

Our diet is vital as it allows our organization to meet all his needs and ensure a certain level of energy. This energy is supplied by three macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Each fulfills a specific and allows the proper functioning of the human body function.

Our nutrition coaching programs help you achieve the maximum health and get the optimal results when training by combining the right nutrients to reach your goals.

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Sports Performance

Reaching New Limits

Our sports performance programs cater to a wide variety of individuals: from the person who is getting back to fitness to the high-level elite athlete.

You take your training seriously for your next competition or towards the achievement of a personal challenge, we offer a state of the art program including personal training, body analysis, nutrition and supplementation plan, and monitoring on a regular basis.

In addition we offer a multifunctional training room, including synthetic grass alley, boxing station, stationary bikes, and a Hoist Motion cage (unique in Outaouais). Without any doubts, our facilities meet the needs of athletes competing at all levels.

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Massage Therapy

Pure and Simple

Massage therapy provides many health benefits and can provide deep relaxation and relieve pain.

Whether you are looking for relaxation treatments or therapeutic treatments let us offer you a pure experience that will provide you many benefits.

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Facilities and Equipment

The cutting edge

A modern and energizing setting and a warm atmosphere will charm you at your first visit. Our premises were completely renovated in 2015 under the coordination of a renowned interior design company.

With extensive experience in the field, our owners have taken the time to select new equipment designed for proper physical development. Our facilities meet the requirements of all types of clients and interests.

Our new changing rooms offer a modern design with a sauna. If you want to relax or soothe your sore muscles, enjoy our massage services on site. Our new smoothie counter allows you to refresh yourself, and fuel your body after your workout.

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Competitive Rates

Regular membership régulier / 1 year


1 session
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For athletes
deep tissue massage

$80.00 / 60 minutes


$65.00 / 60 minutes

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