Centre Pure Fitness offers personalized training as well as the best possible atmosphere needed to reach your most challenging goals.

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Rules and Policies


  • Anyone who accesses the services of the Center, called “the user”, must at all times comply with these general rules and the directives of the Centre’s staff.
  • A user who disobeys these rules could have their access privileges at the Center withdrawn without being granted a refund.
  • The Center may suspend or cancel at any time the rights, privileges or membership of a user whose actions interfere with the use of the facilities or the enjoyment of other users of the Center. Staff reserve the right to verify the identity of users and guests at any time.
  • The Center reserves the right to modify, add or eliminate any regulation deemed necessary for the improvement and proper functioning of its operations.
  • It is strongly recommended that users / participants undergo an annual medical examination before using the facilities.
  • No service, registration or subscription purchased can be transferred to another person during its validity period.


  • The Center reserves the right to close or modify its schedule and / or its program of activities and services at any time. The Centre’s facilities may not be available at certain times of the week, but also a few days during the year during public holidays, without any compensation being demanded.
  • Access to the sports facilities is only via the turnstile located at the reception, only with the use of a smart card and is not transferable.
  • In the event of loss or theft of a smart card, administration fees will apply for its replacement.
  • Guests under 16 must be accompanied by an adult user at all times.
  • The Center is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal effects inside or outside the Center. It is recommended that you leave personal valuables at home.
  • Any aggressive behavior, such as physical or verbal violence, any form of harassment by a user towards another user or towards a member of the staff of the Center or any behavior that could endanger the staff and users are strictly prohibited. A user who commits such an offense will be expelled immediately and may have their access privileges withdrawn without any reimbursement being granted.
  • Animals are prohibited.


  • Each member must be in sports clothing. Jeans, jean shorts and ripped clothing are prohibited.
  • During the winter season, everyone must leave their boots in the places designated by the Center.
  • It is strictly forbidden to walk in the center without sports shoes.
  • It is forbidden to wear “stringer” type tank tops for men in the fitness rooms.


  • It is forbidden to reserve a machine.
  • It is forbidden to have recourse to an external trainer from the CENTER for any training within the Center.
  • You must bring a towel at all times and wipe down devices after each use.
  • It is mandatory to replace the discs, dumbbells and bars after each use.
  • It is forbidden to use powdered chalk.
  • Each user must provide their own padlock and liberate their locker.
  • Each locker must be emptied and cleaned after its use, no padlocks must remain on the locker.


Freeze Policy

  • The member may request a freeze of his subscription for medical or other reasons once during the term of his contract, for a minimum period of one month and a maximum of 3 consecutive months.
  • For a medical reason, the member must provide a medical note in order to proceed with a freeze.
  • You cannot request a freeze for any reason if your account is overdue.
  • All freezing requests must be made in advance with the manager and no retroactive suspension will be authorized.

Refund and cancellation

  • The member may, at their discretion, terminate their contract without charge or penalty if the termination form is received before the center has commenced its primary obligation. In such a case, no fees will be required.
  • The member may, at his discretion, terminate his contract within a period equivalent to one tenth (1/10) of the duration of the contract, from the moment when the center begins its main obligation. In such a case, the center will require from the member a payment equivalent to one tenth (1/10) of the total price agreed in the contract.


  • The member must pay all sums due to the CENTER on time, otherwise the Center may resort to collection methods.
  • No member has the right to put any product or service on their account.
  • All displayed prices do not include taxes.