Centre Pure Fitness offers personalized training as well as the best possible atmosphere needed to reach your most challenging goals.

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Sports preparation

Do you have a physical performance goal?

We have the perfect program for you!

Do you want to become better at a sport, take up a specific challenge such as finishing a marathon, developing your physical strength or your endurance? These objectives are achievable with excellent sports preparation which considers both the needs of the body and the demands of the practiced sport.

Good sports preparation requires well-supervised training related to your sport and physical condition. To reach your full potential, personalized and planned trainings are required. This is why our qualified coaches will coach you with your training program, your motivation and your mental spirit which will help you to exceed your expectations.

Here are some steps that will be taken to build a program that is adequate and specific to your goals:

  • Tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses;
  • A physical examination;
  • A training plan that has different cycles related to the targeted sport;
  • Sessions with a trainer to understand the biomechanics and ensure that your movements are well executed;
  • A physical reassessment and offer a personalized program.
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